Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tips Buy Wireless IP Camera

Tips Buy Wireless IP Camera

Tips Buy Wireless IP Camera. We have 5 tips.

Tips 1. According To Environment Choose Suitable Network Mode

Access network from the IP Camera models can be divided into LAN, MAN, WAN: in accordance with the line access mode can be divided into two major categories of wired and wireless. In general all the way to CIF image compression mode MPEG-4/H.264 only need about 200k of bandwidth can achieve real-time transmission of video. IP cameras users in the selection should be based on their needs, when the number of cameras, remote monitoring needs at the same time, other number of video, integrated computing network bandwidth requirements.

Tips 2. Distinguish HD and SD

When some of the major manufacturers in promoting high-definition video equipment for the front-end, true HD video effects from the first information collection, if no front-end HD video capture, can not talk about the back end of the HD effect. However, the only high-definition image capture is not enough, the images only through the transmission equipment to reach the storage devices and display devices to be meaningful. To observe the clarity of the camera, the choice of camera, be sure to bring it to buy the camera to the scene of the actual installation environment, the image to try it, and not blindly identify the camera parameters according to choice.

Tips 3. Consider Some Unnecessary Features

Don’t be fooled by the parameters of the camera, just look at a few key indicators of IP camera technology used and what type. Such as the CCD camera is used in what type is a key indicator. In the normal monitoring situation, we can choose security surveillance cameras. There is no need to choose camera with OSD menu, select economical products is important.

Tips 4. Motion Detection & Alert Notification

Obviously, it’s impossible for you to monitor your wireless home security monitoring system several hours each day. When buying wireless IP camera, be sure you request for wireless motion activated IP camera or motion detector IP cameras and your intrusion detection systems should support email alerts notifications. It would be great if it also support capturing and sending detected movements to your mobile monitoring device. Another intersting feature is connection to an alarm system or speaker to frighten or ward off intruders from your premise.

Tips 5. Consider Security

IP Camera provides three types of security features. The first is the user security mangement, such as user registration, rights management etc. The second is IP/MAC address binding, only binding IP/MAC address of the computer access. Third is based on the level of security, use of common network security technology.
Choose a wireless IP camera that operates at a high frequency to avoid congestion and with other wireless devices


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